Friday, March 27, 2015

Greenie Week

We have protesters out front (of the MTC) for the past 2 days and its kind of funny. Yeah, I have been getting them (the letters).  I love hearing from home, I will be leaving Wednesday, so try not to send too many past Tuesday afternoon; because I might not get them.  I have a few pictures, but I just got out of the gym; so I don't have my camera.
I'm trying to find ways to help Grandma Char, please help me find things to send her to help her choose.
The protesters aren't violent they are just yelling.  We are safe, all doors lock, and you have to have a card to get in; so its safe here. All the letters are in the room, so I will answer the questions when I mail stuff out after I get into the field tomorrow morning.  I'm excited!
Oh and I got new scriptures for revelation on my mission and my old ones are for me .


March 26, 2015
Dear Brother and Sister Crawford,
What a pleasure it was to welcome Elder Dakota Crawford into the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission.  His first day with us included breakfast and orientation at the mission office, a training session, lunch and of course, meeting his first companion. I am impressed by his desire to serve.  He is well and in high spirits as he anticipates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  Please be assured that we will be watching over him while he is here.  I'm attaching photographs taken as he was welcomed at the mission office.
After prayerful consideration, an excellent missionary, Elder Sturgell, has been assigned as his trainer and first companion.  I am attaching our Family Guidelines which we urge you to follow.  We have learned from experience the importance of family and friends following these guidelines.  Please share the guidelines with those who may write to him.  Your compliance of these guidelines can reinforce your missionary's willingness to follow the guidelines in the Missionary Handbook.
All hard-copy letters and packages should be sent to the mission, addressed to Elder Dakota Crawford at the address listed above. 
Thank you for raising such an outstanding young person, worthy and willing to serve the Lord full time in our mission.  I know you will be blessed for the sacrifices that make his service possible.  May the Lord's choicest blessings be yours.
President Chambers
Robert E. Chambers
Mission President



  1. Thinking of you!

  2. Woo hoo! You're there!!! Have fun serving the Lord! We are thinking of you and praying for you.