Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms and Blisters

My trainer's name is Elder Sturgell he is very cool.  We have baptism dates every weekend this coming month, I think it is like 6 to 8 people and we have tons of investigators.  We are walking everyday, I have blisters on my feet and am just waiting for them to harden up so I'm not waddling everywhere.  No, I haven't met any general authorizes yet; they live in a more rich area than I'm at.  I'm serving in Kerns right now, its like the ghetto here, it's weird there are so many Mexicans its nuts.  Me, my companion, and a guy getting baptized are going to the priesthood part of general conference, you might see me on TV, but I think for the most part we will be at a members house watching.  I don't know the address yet, but the lady is so cool she is great.  We don't have a temple in my areas, but there are 3 in the whole mission, its pretty cool.  It is beautiful out here and the members are great.  So far I love it here.
The missionaries are over stakes, not wards, so we attend 6 different wards in a tiny area.  I sat in 3 different sacraments yesterday, it was weird.  Now you know how the missions have a hard time finding people (in Ashland), it's because they don't go out and knock on doors because they say its not productive.  The area out here; we find people on the street and we talk a lot.  So, I don't know what they are doing wrong, but it works.

We got iPads the first day out, but I don't use it very much.  Yeah Facebook is going to be out soon, we have to go to a meeting about that here soon.  It's interesting, I can watch church videos at night before bed, it's cool.  I need to buy some paper to send letters home.  Since I have an iPad, I can just send pictures from that, so I didn't really need the camera.  I love it out here, but I miss my boots.  I'm getting blisters from these shoes and it sucks a lot!  I don't have a way to keep teaching and not be walking.  I haven't had the chance to look at the bikes, but my companion said it would just be best to use the ones out here.  that way you don't have to pay to ship it out.


  1. Sounds like Dakota is doing well except for the blisters! Love this kid and so proud of him!

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