Monday, October 19, 2015

Met David Archeletta

You all are lucky the weather here has been kinda fall like, but it's depressing the lack of fall I'm seeing out here.  I think the coldest it got was 50s at night, so that shows you what it's like out here.

  It's good to hear, Harley gave a talk, I think the move is what they needed. They will be sending us to the temple on Halloween so we aren't trick or treating. So some missionaries get the kids from the stake to do it for them. I hope we are in faze 3 by then (Christmas) if not it will be another phone call and I'll try not to cry so much this time haha. There is a chance I'll be here in the area one more transfer at least. We will be getting a new place to live Wednesday. Tomorrow is transfers just so you know.

 I wish I could see the family I miss them all. I'm doing fine, I feel I am a little stressed that we aren't teaching many people.  I think there are more ready to be taught.  But, I would like to stay one more transfer. I'll find out today if I'll be leaving or staying.

 Well something fun we did this week is that we were able to meet David Archeletta I shook his hand and said Kayla was a huge fan. He told me to say Hi to her. I have a video of him singing but it's to big to send over email so you will have to wait to see him sing. He has very soft hands by the way and is just a little taller than Kayla.  He is very thin too, his cheeks aren't as chubby as they were when he was first starting. He looks good.

 The hand in the Lord is always in the work out here. I don't know what to say haha. I've been blessed to be out on a mission it really helps me to be the best person I can become. Someday a husband, then a father; this mission is where I'm meant to be for sure.  I learned that the atonement is real, but it's not the atonement that saves us it's Christ, the one who preformed the atonement. I learned that Christ achieved Godhood before gaining a mortal body. He was the only one who got that far. When they mention God anywhere in the scriptures they talk about pre mortal Christ. You think it's Heavenly Father, but is not; it's Christ.  Now that doesn't mean Christ is Heavenly Father, but he acts for him because Christ achieved Godhood in the first estate. Now in Hebrews it talks about Christ being above angels, but also says he became lower than angels, I think 1 or 2 chapters later, meaning he got a body and it talks about those that rule over you should also be your servant and Christ even though he is God, he was our servant as well. So just some things to think about.

Visits from Ashland, Ohio Friends

Hello Mom and Dad,
This week has been about the same. The new elder (in Ashland) sounds like a work horse and might do good things for our ward.
I wish I was there for the movie night that would be fun. I'm miss it all back home. Kayla went to this school to learn how to train so is she finished with school or is she still have a week or 2? Did it help Dixie? haha the trouble maker dog. I miss my puppy, you should just send her out here so I can love on her haha. I can't wait to see her again.
 How is the MMTC going? Has it started yet, or are you starting it this week? To be honest, what they teach in the mtc is nothing like the real deal. If done right though, members will know when to bear testimony and pitch in to help teach. As long as they know what to say and keep it to the PMG, members are one of our greatest tools.  In PMG under using members in; either how do I teach, or how to find; I don't remember, but it's really a good idea. 
 I had lunch with Austin Hronic Saturday. We went to this Brazilian restaurant called Tushar it is so good. I didn't get a picture with him I left my iPad by mistake, but oh well it was fun. Jordan Oldroyd was going to take us out last week or the week before and never told us when. He could, so maybe this week.
  I have heard nothing from Jenkins, but I think Jordan said he hasn't heard from him much either. 
 I love you all hope the mmtc works out for you. I love you.

Elder Crawford 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Food Allergies Getting the Best of the Week

Hello Everyone, 
My week has been a crazy week so far I'm not even sure where to begin. Well last Monday we were to have a baptism for our investigator, but from the information we got from the previous Friday; his dad who is not active suddenly said he wants  to wait till he is ready and has learned more.  So we missed out on a baptism this week and we are having a hard time getting him back on track.
Another thing that make this week so crazy was that my companion was sick most the time he has been sick almost every day he has been here.  Other times he is really sick and it sucks cause then I run the risk of getting it. So I have been sick once or twice I don't remember this transfer has been a blur.
 Not much happened on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday due to his sickness I had to go to all the meetings myself it's hard running a stake by yourself. Friday we went on exchanges with other elders and then watched Saturday morning conference in our apartment. It was fun but to hectic and hard to pay attention in conference when they were talking but it was a great conference.
The priesthood session made me miss home cause we would go to on tap to get wings after. Sounds like you didn't do that this year with the Tompot's gone. I will miss them for sure, did Rick ever say what he was going to do out west here is he going to start up Tommy's again in the west or do something different? 
Well that leads to Sunday my companion got to go to the Sunday morning session of conference with sister Burrows I was pretty jealous of him haha but I enjoyed conference this year. My prediction was that elder Holland would be next prophet but the way president Monson was looking Sunday isn't going very well in my favor. But the way he was looking Saturday he looked better than the five apostles who are before Holland. I really think Holland will be prophet and I think he will do wonders for the church he is my favorite speaker along with President Monson and President Uchtdorf. 
 It's been a long week it feels like. I hope grandma and grandpappy are doing good. I'm surprised they didn't come sooner for the fair, but hey the fall weather is what I'm missing. Yeah it's getting cooler but not like home it's still getting pretty warm during the day.
Oh this week at one of our dinners these people were telling us that Utah has the worst weather as in flash floods and then something about winters being worse here and i started to laugh I couldn't help it. First off on average Utah only gets 18 inches of water fall a year. now can that become flash floods sure but not like home and they don't have very high humidity here 30% is like the most they get on average and it got to 105 this year and it was hot but I would take that over 90 back home any day. Winter should be getting pretty cold here but again it's a dry cold the people here don't understand the concept of humidity. oh well it was funny to show them Utah is a breeze. well thank you all for writing me this week have a wonderful week this week

Elder Crawford