Monday, May 25, 2015


Well that sounds cool (the new camp stove).  I'm already getting trunky, I'm tired and I'm ready to go home. Ha!Ha!Ha!  I want to hang out with my family and friends again.  Walking around pounding the pavement is getting to my body, I hurt all the time, but its a sacrifice I need to make.  Kiley sent me an email she is graduation and just got a debit card and is going crazy on spending, I bet Kolin and Hope are going to have a good time with that.  Have fun fishing with Kayla, looks like fun.

We do bike some times, but its really only when we are working the Samoan ward.  It is hard biking because the leadership live up by the mountains and its a struggle.  But, riding down is really fun, we were going 30 miles an hour down this highway it was a blast, but so scary.If we wreck it is an instant going home early because of the injuries or getting sent home in a box. Neither sound very fun to me. 

Well, I have a dollar on my mission card and I have no other way to pay for anything so I needed to use my debit card.  So far I am doing good, I get frustrated with my companion because he thinks he is the best at everything, but I can deal with it.  The families are doing great we had a baptism that I got to perform.  They boy is a little ornery kid though.
We get fed every meal here, but I have lost 7 pounds in the field so far, I'm 195 pounds.  I went in the MTC at 210ish.  So far I don't need anything and the last package we have not been able to really do any of the foods because we are not home from about 10 in the morning until 9 at night.  I wish we could, maybe when I get transferred on the 17th of June.  I might get to or I might not and have to stay here, carless; walking all day.
That is not the best mountain picture, but its the only one I had so far.  It is warming up, we got rained on so much it was terrible.  It got cold, but its warming up.  It will be nice for you to have a break from the kids at school.  I miss sleeping in, I'm so ready to go home and sleep after my mission haha!  I love you too, have a great day off.
Elder Crawford

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rainy Day Blues

I was sad for a little bit after the phone call.   I miss you all too.  I will most likely be in the area for another month or so, this area might go to the SLC West Mission.  So if I stay till that happens then I might be there for the rest of my mission.  I'm not sure yet.
You need to have the Young Women email me, I got a box from them and I would like to thank them.  
 Where is the high adventure trip at this year? I wish I could go it would be so much fun. Make sure if you see Kiley to give her my email.  She would talk to me all the time back home, I miss the weird child.  I also miss my dummy (Blair). I wish I could have seen you and her Mother's Day.  I was upset how everything went down, that I couldn't see you or talk to you longer, but what do you do. Here are some pictures of my area, we cover the Samoan Ward and we had to walk so far in the rain.

 I was soaked from head to toe; it was bad ,but it happens.  The work must move on.

 Saturday we were walking for quite a while in the rain and it was miserable, I was soaked from head to toe.  My umbrella is broken so it droops down in the front.  I don't know what happened to it.

 That's great the Yukon sold. I'm going to miss that beast; I loved to drive it although I didn't care for buying parts for it.  So that's nice. What's the lady's name there that is getting baptized?  There is a chance I might know her from my many trips to Home Depot with Dave.  I saw that video already, "The Lift," it is a really good one . We saw it Tuesday or Friday, I don't remember. 
  I hope you get that job and I'll pray for you, but if you don't get it its fine.  You might be a principal in Minnesota, and maybe that's why they are falling through on you. So don't get down because of that!

Elder Crawford

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Chat and P-day Hike

Dad, I forgave you a long time ago about that and I love you too!  Yesterday I went to Bell Canyon and hiked up the mountain to a waterfall it was so beautiful.  I wish you could have seen it.  It was a very hard hike to get up though, so when you get out here to pick me up we can try to as a family.  I couldn't get any pictures, but it was amazing.  I love you, have a great day.

Can you guys pray for Danny, Lani, and Mary Jane M. they are our investigators that are the Polynesians.  Also pray for Rushmey, she is so close to being baptized; as well as the Rodrigez family.  They are kinda moving along.  Just after we got off the phone Sunday night I was told that we will be taking over the Samoan ward.  So that will most likely give us a car and we have some members that live in Salt Lake, so it is pretty cool.  I'm pretty excited to start this up.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Salt Lake Temple Blessings

Hi Mom,
I'm going great out here.  I'm loving the work, it's so much fun!  We only have had one baptism so far, his name is K.W. He was a little goofball, we love him a lot.  We are going to baptize a Polynesian family soon.   There are three kids that want to be baptized and a Hispanic kid named D.  So last week you will never guess what I got to do...
I got to go to the Salt Lake temple and do baptisms. (for information on lds temples go here) It was so beautiful and amazing.  When you come out here, like I told Dad, we should do some baptisms because you can just walk in and do it. 
My sleeping arrangements are good.  I'm sleeping okay.  I miss sleeping in on the weekends.  I know when I get home, I'm going to catch up on some sleep.  Transfers are this week, so I don't know what's going to go on with the Skype or anything.  I'll let you know more this week about that.  The last package I got was the super hero one and I don't have any pictures because the two times that I could have I didn't  have my camera.  I will get you some pictures.
The other day we were teaching this Asian lady.  We were talking to her about temples because over there temples and family history is a big thing.  So I shared the time we were at the temple doing Grandpa Beninghof's work.  When we were doing his baptism and the spirit was so strong that I started to cry.  I knew grandpa was with us in that meeting, helping me to help her to get baptized.   Our ancestors are our angels that are helping us and they are the missionaries of our investigators ancestors.  They want their work to be done.
I love you all remember, as we do missionary work the angels that are promised to help us are our ancestor.  Grandma and grandpa will help us out as we try to help others to "Come unto Christ."
Elder Crawford