Monday, June 22, 2015

Transfered: The Grass May Not be Greener...

  I have tried a few things from the Double Dare package, I have had the smoked octopus, but nothing else yet.  In this area I can finally do some of this stuff cause we are not as busy teaching. 
  It's a bit depressing, I feel worthless as a missionary here my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel, through faith in Jesus Christ. and his atonement.  To be repentant, have a baptism, receive the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end.  I think my new companion may be discouraged.  Our baptism goal as a zone here is 11, where as in Kearns it was 30.  In my mind, I keep thinking about Ether 12 verse 14, it was the faith of Nephi and Lehi that baptized the Lamanites. We are going to have to recharge the area!

South Jordan is not the same as Kearns..... we haven't had any investigator lessons at all. In my old area we would have had 10 lessons by now. All we have done is practiced 3 lessons and they were all on members. I'm ticked..... My new living area is really nice and my new companion, Elder Munyer is pretty cool though. I told president my happiness level from teaching a bunch of people has gone way down.

We were eating lunch and some guy and lady took pictures of me and my comp and sent it to dad's phone.  That was pretty cool.  I like your idea about writing one letter for friends and family, sounds like a good one, I'll do that.  Dad was right, I don't get much time to talk
Elder Sturgell stayed in Kearns..... what I've come to learn is a happy missionary is a successful missionary . I think we need a change of attitude here, they think exact obedience will baptize. However, I've learned obedience is a product of faith and I'm not saying they dont have faith, but if they had faith to baptize then they will.  I had a missionary here tell me baptisms are not important.  In Doctrine and Covenants it talks about the joy you will have when we bring many souls unto Christ not the other way around.  I think I will need to work hard here and show them some of the skills I learned in Kearns.

Elder Crawford

Monday, June 15, 2015

My District

That trip sounds like it was a blast, I wish I could have gone.  Did you get any pictures of the trip?  You should send me them.

This week was a great week. I still don't know where I will be at though, transfers are tomorrow and Wednesday so I'll let you know for sure if I stay or get shipped out.
The district 

 the little kid is cash he is so cool
  the group of people is our district
the view is the mountains from our house
 my bed 

Well I am doing great, my week was great and we had a fun week!  I know where I go tomorrow (for transfers). We had this district meeting and it was so much fun. I'll send you some pictures. No, I don't need new bedding, so far I have bedding. This is my bed right now.
 Well this week we did so much walking it killed and we bike all the time to get to contacts to talk to Samoans. It has been very physically demanding, but its good. My shirts are now big on me, its pretty funny and I am getting really tan. We had dinner with the 3rd ward last week and this family, well are ward mission leaders fed us it was not good, but last night they gave us leftover Olive Garden so that was good. Well this week has been the same as every other week, but that was my week just really busy with lessons!

Elder Crawford  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lava Lavas

 A member here got us lava lavas (Samoan traditional dress) because we cover a Samoan Ward here. So all I know how to say is Samoan is Talofa- hello, Faafeta- thank you, Lava- very much and Mea ai- for the food. 

All my shoes have holes in them, but one pair that I got here at the DI. I need new shoes all together all those days of pounding the pavement has killed all of them.  I don't think I need anything other than shoes.  Maybe a smaller bag, I thought I would need a big bag, but I walk around with my
iPad,  a Book of Mormon, my flashlight just in case, and thats it haha!  I don't even carry my scriptures with me cause they are to heavy to carry, but I would hold off on that request.

 The things I have learned since I've been on my mission is to stay faithful in the gospel and to never stray from it because when people do their they have a hard time when they try to live without Heavenly Father's influence. I read today in my studies that the baptismal font is under ground to represent death. I never noticed that until I thought about that.
Yes, Mom I'm very happy now. I have talked to my mission president about everything and it got so much better.  My health seems better, so far I'm still tired but that's not going to stop till  I come home from my mission.
  The spending is going ok, I don't need money anymore the card refilled.   So far the best part of my week was I confirmed Rusmey a member in the church. It was the best part of my week along with her baptism.

There is a chance I'll be getting a mission change to the SLC West Mission, but I don't know.  So my address might change I'll let you know when I do.  If I move I could also be getting a car, so I wont need a bag at all it just all depends.

Elder Crawford

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Work Continues Despite the Shoes

Dear Mom,

That invitation Sunday was a good idea for investigators.  I bet they were good talks.  So far I've had to give two talks in sacrament.  One was on the talk President Uchtdorf, "Lift Where you Stand." Which is an excellent talk by the way.  The other was on the Life of Christ.  They were really good talks.  The weirdest thing that happened to me this week was we were walking by a house and some guys came out after us.  They said the lady in the house needed a blessing.  She was raped the night before.  It was a good thing we were walking by.  I found a link in our genealogy that goes back to Adam!!!  I can't catch a break with my shoes.  The boots I bought to help with my feet tore apart while we were walking...

Dear Dad,
I'm feeling a little bit better, but I'm still really tired.  Everything is going good so far and the people we teach are receiving the lessons well.  We will be having 4 more baptisms in the next two weeks.  We have a huge teaching pool, like 25 people or so.  It is nuts!  I think we have 9 on date for baptisms.  I think this is the perfect place to teach because you are surrounded by good members everywhere and that influences people to meet with us.  Sometime it is just for financial assistance, but oh well.

So far my companion is doing good.  He is a little judgmental because I am not a strong, as fit, or my hairstyle is not what he thinks is cool, but most of the time we have a good time.  I am older than him by 6 months.  His birthday is the third. 

Elder Crawford
(some other items written home were personal between the two of us.)