Monday, October 19, 2015

Visits from Ashland, Ohio Friends

Hello Mom and Dad,
This week has been about the same. The new elder (in Ashland) sounds like a work horse and might do good things for our ward.
I wish I was there for the movie night that would be fun. I'm miss it all back home. Kayla went to this school to learn how to train so is she finished with school or is she still have a week or 2? Did it help Dixie? haha the trouble maker dog. I miss my puppy, you should just send her out here so I can love on her haha. I can't wait to see her again.
 How is the MMTC going? Has it started yet, or are you starting it this week? To be honest, what they teach in the mtc is nothing like the real deal. If done right though, members will know when to bear testimony and pitch in to help teach. As long as they know what to say and keep it to the PMG, members are one of our greatest tools.  In PMG under using members in; either how do I teach, or how to find; I don't remember, but it's really a good idea. 
 I had lunch with Austin Hronic Saturday. We went to this Brazilian restaurant called Tushar it is so good. I didn't get a picture with him I left my iPad by mistake, but oh well it was fun. Jordan Oldroyd was going to take us out last week or the week before and never told us when. He could, so maybe this week.
  I have heard nothing from Jenkins, but I think Jordan said he hasn't heard from him much either. 
 I love you all hope the mmtc works out for you. I love you.

Elder Crawford 

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