Monday, April 6, 2015

April General Conference

Things are going great here, I'm loving it.  I sent some pictures of me and Elder Sturgell and a guy that is a member and has the priesthood, for almost 3 months now.  He is great and loving. Elder Sturgell is from Memphis, Tennessee, his parents are wealthy.   His dad is a banker and I dont know what his mom does. He was going to Harvard, but got sent out right after his graduation. He wants to work on Wall Street and be a banker or stock broker or something.  He returns home this June I think. My feet are fine now, I got the blisters in my Deerstags, not the new shoes; those are my church shoes. But, I popped them and now I am doing better.
The work here is great, we have 8 to 12 investigators; 8 on date for baptism, and they are all great. The weather has been great, sun and mostly warm.  I had to wear my sweater twice, but the sun has been out everyday. So far the meetings have only been fast and testimony, but great!  I gave my testimony in the last ward we went to.  We cover 6 wards because missionaries here cover stakes not branches or wards; but, our area is only a few blocks.
The food is really good we have had pasta 3 times so far. The weirdest thing we have had was last night. It was a burrito with this kind of chili stuff you put on it. It was good, but the chili was green. 
 Elder Crawford and Companion
Elder Crawford and new friend.

My companion  is very knowledgeable in the scriptures and loves the gospel. We are very much alike. I have learned a lot, its hard to really write it all out. My feet are fine now, I popped the blisters and they feel great.
 So far we had only one baptism, one of our guys dropped us and it was sad.  But, after he dropped us we found a family of 7, 3 want to be baptized, 3 are to young to get baptized and one isn't really interested.
So far I am getting every meal, our home owner makes us breakfast every morning, it is great she is the best. It was so amazing to be in general conference to be so close to the prophet and the 12.  It was so spiritual and up lifting, at the end I told Elder Sturgell that dad was now going to get wings at On Tap, lucky dog. I really don't need anything except, I need an note pad to write letters home. Grandma Beninghoff sent me a card in the mail it was sweet. I love you, and I cant wait to see your progress in the Book of Mormon. I hope you are reading everyday or night. Remember to tell dad to stay off his tablet in church and get Kayla to get off her iPod ,the general authorities said so, and it shows respect for the Lord and those who have prepared to teach the ward  .
Priesthood Choir at the Priesthood session of General Conference 4/4/15

 President Monson coming into conference.

First Vision Sculpture at Conference Center in SLC, Utah.


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  2. That feeling when the prophet walks into the room is amazing, isn't it? So glad that you got to attend Conference in person. You are in our prayers. Love, The Selvages