Monday, April 27, 2015

Baptism and Sister Heaton

 We had a baptism this past weekend.  It was a great weekend.
Sister Heaton is just about the sweetest lady you'll ever meet.  I really enjoy living at her house.  She fixes us breakfast every morning and sometimes dinner on Monday nights.

 This week wasn't too eventful, but it was a great week.  I got to go on exchanges with our district leader his name is Elder Kulu, pronounced kooloo.  He is from the Polynesian Islands. It was fun to hang out with him for a day.  [the other things reported are personal between Kyle and Kota]

My favorite investigators right now are Jarrett and Kelsea.  She is a less active member and he is a non member, but they are so cool and loving.  I love going over to their house because its just a laid back teaching opportunity.  My favorite lesson I taught this week was the one about pre-earth life, with Jarrett and Kelsea.  Jarrett went to college and had a bible class, and we were able to discuss scriptures that he already learned about in college.  We were able to answer questions and have a really good discussion.

The area I am in is so small.  It is like from Cleveland Ave. to the outside of town going north, and from Cottage Street out to Dad's work.  That is what the area kind of looks like.  So far nothing weird has happened this week.

How is everything back home?  Did Kayla get Kenzie's email.  In the package can you send me Jesus the Christ.  I would like a paper copy that I can write in.


  1. Awesome!
    So very proud of you!

  2. The symbols were supposed to be praying hands!
    So prayers!