Monday, May 4, 2015

Salt Lake Temple Blessings

Hi Mom,
I'm going great out here.  I'm loving the work, it's so much fun!  We only have had one baptism so far, his name is K.W. He was a little goofball, we love him a lot.  We are going to baptize a Polynesian family soon.   There are three kids that want to be baptized and a Hispanic kid named D.  So last week you will never guess what I got to do...
I got to go to the Salt Lake temple and do baptisms. (for information on lds temples go here) It was so beautiful and amazing.  When you come out here, like I told Dad, we should do some baptisms because you can just walk in and do it. 
My sleeping arrangements are good.  I'm sleeping okay.  I miss sleeping in on the weekends.  I know when I get home, I'm going to catch up on some sleep.  Transfers are this week, so I don't know what's going to go on with the Skype or anything.  I'll let you know more this week about that.  The last package I got was the super hero one and I don't have any pictures because the two times that I could have I didn't  have my camera.  I will get you some pictures.
The other day we were teaching this Asian lady.  We were talking to her about temples because over there temples and family history is a big thing.  So I shared the time we were at the temple doing Grandpa Beninghof's work.  When we were doing his baptism and the spirit was so strong that I started to cry.  I knew grandpa was with us in that meeting, helping me to help her to get baptized.   Our ancestors are our angels that are helping us and they are the missionaries of our investigators ancestors.  They want their work to be done.
I love you all remember, as we do missionary work the angels that are promised to help us are our ancestor.  Grandma and grandpa will help us out as we try to help others to "Come unto Christ."
Elder Crawford

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