Monday, June 15, 2015

My District

That trip sounds like it was a blast, I wish I could have gone.  Did you get any pictures of the trip?  You should send me them.

This week was a great week. I still don't know where I will be at though, transfers are tomorrow and Wednesday so I'll let you know for sure if I stay or get shipped out.
The district 

 the little kid is cash he is so cool
  the group of people is our district
the view is the mountains from our house
 my bed 

Well I am doing great, my week was great and we had a fun week!  I know where I go tomorrow (for transfers). We had this district meeting and it was so much fun. I'll send you some pictures. No, I don't need new bedding, so far I have bedding. This is my bed right now.
 Well this week we did so much walking it killed and we bike all the time to get to contacts to talk to Samoans. It has been very physically demanding, but its good. My shirts are now big on me, its pretty funny and I am getting really tan. We had dinner with the 3rd ward last week and this family, well are ward mission leaders fed us it was not good, but last night they gave us leftover Olive Garden so that was good. Well this week has been the same as every other week, but that was my week just really busy with lessons!

Elder Crawford  

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