Monday, June 8, 2015

Lava Lavas

 A member here got us lava lavas (Samoan traditional dress) because we cover a Samoan Ward here. So all I know how to say is Samoan is Talofa- hello, Faafeta- thank you, Lava- very much and Mea ai- for the food. 

All my shoes have holes in them, but one pair that I got here at the DI. I need new shoes all together all those days of pounding the pavement has killed all of them.  I don't think I need anything other than shoes.  Maybe a smaller bag, I thought I would need a big bag, but I walk around with my
iPad,  a Book of Mormon, my flashlight just in case, and thats it haha!  I don't even carry my scriptures with me cause they are to heavy to carry, but I would hold off on that request.

 The things I have learned since I've been on my mission is to stay faithful in the gospel and to never stray from it because when people do their they have a hard time when they try to live without Heavenly Father's influence. I read today in my studies that the baptismal font is under ground to represent death. I never noticed that until I thought about that.
Yes, Mom I'm very happy now. I have talked to my mission president about everything and it got so much better.  My health seems better, so far I'm still tired but that's not going to stop till  I come home from my mission.
  The spending is going ok, I don't need money anymore the card refilled.   So far the best part of my week was I confirmed Rusmey a member in the church. It was the best part of my week along with her baptism.

There is a chance I'll be getting a mission change to the SLC West Mission, but I don't know.  So my address might change I'll let you know when I do.  If I move I could also be getting a car, so I wont need a bag at all it just all depends.

Elder Crawford


  1. Well you must be working hard to wear out so many shoes so fast. You look great in your lava lava. Keep up the good work!

  2. So good to hear you are doing well Dakota! It's hard at times, but you are hanging tough and doing what your heart feels right about doing. Kind of crazy your shoes are wearing out so quickly though. It's hard to believe you have 3 months behind you already. We love you and wish you well. God Bless you! Love from Grandpa and I.

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