Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Feel like Running through a Maze?

 Well, maybe not literal mazes, but Dakota got to meet the author of Maze Runner, James Dashner.
and he got authentic Chinese food, from a woman who lived in China.
Thank you for reminding me, Hronek sent me an email as well; he is living in Drapper.  He is working in a garage fixing cars, he said to give him our number to call us to take us to lunch sometime. So I need to send him that I hope those guys email me so I can get in touch with them.  You never know why things happen, like you getting called into work when you were supposed to be going to the temple; maybe you were saved from a car accident that would have killed you and mom. So, I'm glad for that false alarm.
 I am loving my new companion, he is great, funny in his ways too; he does some odd things every now and again. He says some pretty funny stuff too. He is a great kid, came out right after high school, graduated same time as Kayla. So he is only 19 as well. Maybe she would date a Korean guy? hahahaha! He is going to BYU after his mission so he will be in the states for a while. He wants to be an accountant.
  I read from preach my gospel every day and learn how to be a better missionary.  I will keep up the work. Mom didn't write me back last week I always get a response from you both after I send you an email so it was weird not getting an email back. 

Elder Koo is from Korea, but was raised in China all his life. He is awesome, he is keeping me on track with things helping me study better and to not be lazy in my studies.
 My district is a little bigger this time we have 4 sets of missionaries in it so 3 sets of elders including my and Koo and a set of sisters. The names of the missionaries are Elder Araujo and Elder Rogers, Elder Goins and Elder Fuller, Sister Hanson and Sister William, then Elder Koo and I. My zone is huge I think 20 or so missionaries; which now that I think about it, it's most likely average.
My suggestion to you for teaching social studies like Mr. McBee is, to do as many activities as you can like he did.  For one he showed us the movie Last of the Mohicans, but would block out the parts of violence like when the Indian scalped a guy.  But then he would do other things like the powder horns the settlers used, they would carve in them then put oil over them to show the carvings. So he printed out powder horns for us to draw on. When you talk about the slaves he had shekels to put on the kids who wanted to do it (and had parents permission) and they had to keep a journal and this would last a week. I think he would warn the teachers because it will get distracting, but it showed the kids how the slaves felt. Decorate your room with a lot of stuff from the eras you are teaching that will help out the learning. I just remember his room and Mr. Miller's room being decorated with all this cool stuff.  Do the walnut dye for the kids too, bring in the white t-shirt and they can dye a t-shirt and stuff like that. Don't just teach them about it, show them about it, that my thoughts for you.  
(wish I knew why the bike helmet was cracked, but he didn't mention the why...)

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  1. Sounds like everything is great now. Keep up the good work!