Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Companion

Yep, that's my new comp, he is from Korea; his name is Elder Koo.
 His English is very good and yeah, things are going very well now!  I'm excited for this transfer, to maybe learn some Korean and talk to Uncle Kory in Korean, Hahaha! He would have a fit.
Sister Burrows, she is awesome to talk to when I get the chance to talk to her which isn't often, but we email on p-days.  So it's pretty cool learning about England and Scotland from a loca'ls point of view.
The days are meshing together now haha, it's nuts to think at the end of this transfer; I'll be out 6 months in the field. Then I only have 3 quarters more to go. I'm excited for all that will be waiting for me.

(next part is personal between the Kyle and Kota)

How is Blair doing? Is she still the better dog that doesn't get into trouble unless Dixie starts it? Does she retrieve yet, or is she still too wild for that yet? I miss my dummy haha!                       
There was this guy that stopped us while we are walking (by the way we lost the car they gave it to other missionaries). I was pretty happy, but he said you want to take a picture on my jet ski to send to your parents? So we got on, took pictures; it was great!

The next picture is of my last district.  The Hawaiian girl I came out with this time, she is awesome!

Then in the larger group is of my old zone.  A few of them went home, they were great guys to hang out with.
 The M3 album cover is of this guys band where Elder Munyer, the other guy and I made a few songs together. He has a studio in his house, so we recorded them on p-day it was great!

  They sound pretty descent.

I thought dad would get a kick out of the old skid steer we saw haha!

 Then there is a night view of the Jordan River Temple. It's the temple we live by and it's the busiest temple in the world it's so cool...

Our appointments didn't go over well this week, nobody was home when we would go by so it was a dump week. But, we are starting to get a roll on things.  We invited a guy to be baptized last night and he said he would pray about it.  So pray for S-- Z-- is his name. The rest of them are baptized. S.Z. comes every week and plays organ every other Sunday. So he is what we call a dry Mormon haha! I don't know really need anything from back to school stuff yet, or not I'm fine right now. I'll probably need something when it's not on sale anymore most likely haha!
Kayla has sent me a few videos from her iPod but other than that if you link it to a website I can't see it cause of the restrictions on my iPad.

 If I told you all I learned so far I would be typing a long time haha! I will send you my study journal when I fill it out and you can read what I've learned from that. It's been interesting though, one thing I've learned is faith in Christ will give you pretty much what ever you want as long as it's expedient in Him. You can help people to become baptized with just your faith alone.  Ether 12:14 shows this, Christ has said if you have faith in me, I will give you all things; or in other words what you need to let the Lord take over and he will use you to guide.  We can't force people we have to invite them to do something and we show love and trust they find out for themselves.

 I think you and dad should read preach my gospel and read it through. It's funny how it applies to everyone not just non members or less actives. So food for thought.


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