Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Atonement Project

Dad, (no pics this week, but better than the mini email to one of us last week.)
My week has been pretty good, the weather has been hot and we bike everyday.  So I'm losing weight. I hope I sweat like no other, but it gets us lots of water haha!  I'm doing pretty good at not snacking much and eating normal size plates of food. The teaching is going slow out here, but its all working out some how or another.

 I love the mountains! I look at them everyday they are very beautiful, but lately the mountains have been hard to see because there are fires going on in California. So the smoke makes here very foggy.  I have a picture of the mountains and if you just look at it looks like a picture from home, you can't see the mountain unless you really look for them.

We don't have a car so we can't really drive anywhere, but I wish I could hike the mountain again. I miss the nature here, it's just a jungle of concrete. Elder Koo thinks it's heaven here because back in China where he lived the air was bad.  But for me the air smells and makes me feel funny at times. He might have to be shipped back home to Korea because the war between North and South Korea is getting bad.

 What did Colton do to break his back; was it from the car wreck he was in?   Does mom still play that video of me to Blair?  We were talking about that the other day at dinner.  Well I love you guys, be good, don't get into any trouble haha!

 We are teaching 2 investigators one is Steve Z. his whole family are members.  He comes every week and plays the organ every other week, but he is still learning.  The other is named Shiley R., she is 11 and her grandpa won't let her be baptized because if some bitter feelings with the church.  Now grandma wants her to be baptized and so does her mom, but she lives with her grandparents. I guess grandpa can get mean, so those are our two that we are working with.

We are also teaching a less active guy, named Brent he is Samoan and is awesome!  He wants to come back and he is trying to get a temple recommend so we can do baptisms. In about a year he and his girlfriend are going to get married in the temple!

Oh, did you hear?  Jordan River Temple is going to close for a year and a half for updates. It's going to halt the temple work; this temple is the biggest for doing endowments it has 4 rooms for it. Each holds 150 people so it is the work horse temple.

 We help out this 90 something year-old guy do yard work. It is a great time when we are there! Well one thing I have learned is that the atonement is real. Our mission is doing what we call the Atonement Project.  So we read the Book of Mormon and highlight the verses that talk about or have something to do with the atonement. We were told to invite our families to do the same.

 We met a guy who lost his faith and we felt bad for him. Reading the Book of Mormon helps build it (faith).

I'm finding it is hard to control my ADHD as a missionary.  Our personality and senses are heightened, so the ADHD is worse than it was before. But, I am handling it ok. I find myself wondering in thought so much more, someone will be talking to us and the surrounding will catch my attention and then I remember the guy was talking to us. I am lost to where the conversation went.
 I love you and I will talk more later

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