Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Exchanges with Koo, Sickness Week

Went to Olive Garden when I went on exchanges with Elder Koo. It was funny, I have a new companion, but I got to go on exchanges with my old one.  Plus, I taught him how to drive as well.

My week has been full of sickness from both me and my companion.  He got pink eye Saturday night and last Sunday we were throwing up. Yesterday I had to stay home with him because he was sick, but my eyes started to feel itchy so I hope I'm not getting pink eye again.
 Our investigator S. fell off date for baptism again. He was to be baptized today at 7 pm, but his family said he need to wait.   That was a fear I had from the very beginning, from the time we started teaching him; but it's out of our hands now. Well with this kid's faith I think he will be baptized soon, it will be ok.

 I miss grandma and grandpappy and I missed the fair. I love the fair.  The funny thing this year it's still pretty hot, it feels like summer still.  I was telling my comp that what it feels like at night here should be what the days feel like, but they don't haha.  Did you see the blood moon last night? It would have been about 10 your time, it was so cool.  That was the second lunar eclipse I've ever seen or remember seeing.  It was great and it turned red too.  Some lady in Provo thinks the end of the world is today, but I really don't think I'll get to see Christ come back in my life time.  The odds of that are not high, maybe higher than they use to be but not that high.  It would be nice to see Christ come in his full glory and clean the earth from sin. I just hope I'm living the way he wants me to so I am not the one being clensed from the earth.  But I need not to worry about that I have people to teach.

 Kasey  got hitched huh? Isn't Jayna close to Jenna?
Missionary work out here is tough and discouraging right now.  The gospel is the only way and if you do not invite you are not helping people repent. In turn you have to answer to the Lord some day. When he asks, "Why didn't you help this person to my gospel they were prepared they just needed an invite why didn't you ask them?"  When I get home I am going to invite the  people I should have invited to talk to the missionaries. I want to rejoice with those people. If I don't invite, I fail. When we invite is when we truly succeeded. That's all the Lord asks of us. If you look in Preach my Gospel in the first chapter, I believe it's the first thing you see; is the missionary purpose and the first thing it says is to invite others.  Well that's my rant for the week I love you guys stay focused on our purpose here in life.

Elder Crawford

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