Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Visit to Temple Square

I'm doing great yesterday I was super sick. To the point I was throwing up it was awful. But if you drink orange juice and a little bit of 7up the day you are sick, by the time this morning rolled around; I didn't even feel like I was sick.  I'm on the Lord's errand and I'm doing His will and because I'm doing His will, is why he blessed me with meeting my friend. I think if I am doing his work, I won't have to worry about it, it will all work out.
The work goes well out here we have a baptism soon, this Saturday. And we are excited it will be the first one in this stake for a while and this will be number 10 for me. People say it's not about the numbers but it even says, Christ numbers his fold and knows them perfectly and I want to rejoice with them in the celestial kingdom forever. Well I don't think I have any funny stories from this past week other than being sick that was interesting. But if there is a funny part of my week I'll let you know.

Well this last week we went to temple square with skyler and being there was super spiritual the tour we went on was amazing so when you come to pick me up we can take the tour there it was amazing. I love you dad

Elder Crawford
Well it can be a hand full some Sundays. (I asked what it was like attending several church meetings in one day) We can really only get to 3 sacrament meetings a Sunday. It's just me and Elder Baptista that serve in this stake so we cover the whole stake by ourselves. A Utah mission is way different than the one back home we have to worry about 11 wards and 2 branches in this stake. And I didn't learn anything different this week, just more on the atonement in the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how much it talks about that in there.
No we don't  have Katrina's friend in our stake, he is in a different stake if she can find out what stake and ward he is in I can find the missionaries in that stake to tell him I said hi, and that I know Katrina. We  have a Bluffdale out here, but it is now in the Orem mission where Darren is serving. We can take naps in our lunch hour if we would like as long as lunch only takes an hour. It is hard to eat and nap in that time as well.
I'm not sure if I'll get to see General Conference live again this time, if I can get a ticket I can go but if not I'll just be getting to sit in someone's home. Our upcoming baptism is this Saturday, he is 12 years old and just the neatest kid ever and super smart he goes to some academy out here I forget what it's call but it's for smart people.

Well I got sick yesterday so after our talks and almost throwing up all over the pulpit, but today I don't feel that way anymore. And then we went to temple square last week and it was amazing we taught a lesson with the temple square sisters to the boy getting baptized, it was so cool. Elder Baptista is awesome, he is from Brazil the only thing that sucks is that he has food allergies with glutton and dairy so we have to be careful where we eat, but it's all good he is fun to be around. Nope I don't need any of that yet. I love you. 
Elder Crawford

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