Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mom I got a BooBoo

My week has been filled with pain. Wednesday, I busted face on the road, that's where I got the fat hole in my lip.
Then Friday I did the same thing, but this time on grass; so it was much more pleasant haha!! I learned how to ride a bike with no hands in Kearns and I was caring corn from a members house. I got to close to a wall and I pushed off the wall with my arm and shouldn't have done that.  Because it made me flip over my handlebars. When I bailed from my bike to not crash in a tree, so there was me and corn who both went flying that day--there is my cool experience I had Sunday that's in mom's email you will have to read.

Elder koo is doing good he laughs at me every once in a while about my wreck Wed. He found out that N. Korea and S. Korea are going to be nice to each other and not war against each other because they have American troops in South Korea to help train them.  Sister Burrows is doing great she can't wait to meet you guys, nor can I wait.  I'm learning so much right now we are to challenge you to read the Book of Mormon and highlight every part that talks about the atonement so start that if you haven't. It is amazing how much the book testifys of it and we got to go to a car show in our stake so thought you would like to see. 
Well I have to email president and get ready to give a blessing here soon, I love you.

My lip kills me every day sense Wed. So the story is we were on exchanges and I had to use someone else's bike.  Well, on my bike the break only works on the front tire to stop and the break isn't that great.  Well on the bike I was using the front break works very well . So when I had to stop going at a fast speed I used the front break, the bike threw me over the handlebars and my face was the first thing to catch me on the road. I had to use the other missionaries helmet which didnt have a strap so the helmet didnt work at all. When I landed my lower teeth bit a hole into my lip almost through my lip. I have road rash on my lip and when I got up I was angry, not hurt feeling yet ;angry like look out I'm coming to get you angry.  So my companion for the exchange ran to help me out of the road because there were cars coming. I was fine for 5 to 10 min then I felt like I was going to pass out. Elder Koo said when he pulled up to get me I was very pale. That picture shows how pale I was, but we went to the hospital and they said no stitches and my teeth will be fine.  Well the next morning my wrist started to hurt, but nothing happened to it' it's just sore from getting ripped off the handlebars. My nose might be a little broken it looks a little off place, but I'm not sure.

 Transfers are not this week, but next week. I want to stay, the area is picking up now and I'm loving it here. The members are awesome and I think to help out with the members to pick up the missionary effort is that they need a little pep talk --it is not the missionaries job to find people to teach it is the members. There is a talk that President Bednar gave on that; I'm not sure what it is called.  The missionaries are set apart to teach, not find so that might help out some.

 One thing that went well this week was that I didn't have to go get stitches in my face haha! We had an open house for a new church building Saturday.
We  had 5 non-members show up and a lot of less active members. So that went well and there was a dedication Sunday. When the stake president was talking about the scripture of John 5: 1-9 the window started to glow white like an angel was there telling us the building is well with the Lord.  It was so cool, I'm looking forward to Christmas and maybe seeing you, the family, and Blair. I'm looking forward to getting married someday.  We teach about temple marriage and it makes me want to be sealed and to start a family of my own.  But I need to finish the mission first, don't worry that is first on the list!
 I'm not sure what I need help with right now, but the package was great! Elder koo was suprised that you really sent him stuff.  He said, "Did they send this because I'm Asian?" haha! I told him you said that, so he said it because he knew you thought that. haha!  Elder Koo is awesome!  So the first picture is me with a replica of the Sword of Laban from the scriptures.
(the one Nephi killed Laban with)
This is what we saw we were teaching this family last night, and the little girl gave us the stink eye. 
 It was so funny.
Elder Crawford


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  1. Ouch! Hope your lip heals soon. And yep, that's quite the stink eye she's giving you! Maybe next week will be better. It's so good to hear that you are loving your area now.