Monday, May 25, 2015


Well that sounds cool (the new camp stove).  I'm already getting trunky, I'm tired and I'm ready to go home. Ha!Ha!Ha!  I want to hang out with my family and friends again.  Walking around pounding the pavement is getting to my body, I hurt all the time, but its a sacrifice I need to make.  Kiley sent me an email she is graduation and just got a debit card and is going crazy on spending, I bet Kolin and Hope are going to have a good time with that.  Have fun fishing with Kayla, looks like fun.

We do bike some times, but its really only when we are working the Samoan ward.  It is hard biking because the leadership live up by the mountains and its a struggle.  But, riding down is really fun, we were going 30 miles an hour down this highway it was a blast, but so scary.If we wreck it is an instant going home early because of the injuries or getting sent home in a box. Neither sound very fun to me. 

Well, I have a dollar on my mission card and I have no other way to pay for anything so I needed to use my debit card.  So far I am doing good, I get frustrated with my companion because he thinks he is the best at everything, but I can deal with it.  The families are doing great we had a baptism that I got to perform.  They boy is a little ornery kid though.
We get fed every meal here, but I have lost 7 pounds in the field so far, I'm 195 pounds.  I went in the MTC at 210ish.  So far I don't need anything and the last package we have not been able to really do any of the foods because we are not home from about 10 in the morning until 9 at night.  I wish we could, maybe when I get transferred on the 17th of June.  I might get to or I might not and have to stay here, carless; walking all day.
That is not the best mountain picture, but its the only one I had so far.  It is warming up, we got rained on so much it was terrible.  It got cold, but its warming up.  It will be nice for you to have a break from the kids at school.  I miss sleeping in, I'm so ready to go home and sleep after my mission haha!  I love you too, have a great day off.
Elder Crawford

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