Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Members Find Them and We Teach Them

This is my friend Sister Burrows, she is from Scotland and she is going to get me a flag, how awesome is that. Well my week was interesting, my comp is unmotivated, doesn't like to work and wastes the Lord's time. When we work I make him get out of the car so we can talk to people on the street.  He walks super slow and and will take a route that isn't fast to get anywhere. We need to go and I have to yell at him that he is wasting the Lord's time and my time. He gets mad.   Yesterday before dinner he wanted to sit in the house and do studies for one and a half hours.  I told him we were going to work and he got mad at me for telling him what to do cause I'm the junior comp, but when we went out and worked, we set up two lessons with a part member family and a non member family.
 Usually when I tell him to work something good happens, and he is frustrated that I was right to push him.  He did tell me he was glad I made him work or else we would have lessons this week with these families.
Thanks for asking about the packages, I'm happy and with the packages, stuff is fine. The places we have in Utah, we don't really have back home other than McDonald's Taco Bell or Burger King for gift cards. So, I'm fine with the stuff in the packages.
 To help the elders out back home this is the secret to finding people to teach... MEMBERS! It's not the missionaries job to find  people to teach.  We have been set apart to teach, Elder Bednar said it, the members are to find people to teach for the missionaries. So they need to go by members house and ask for Referrals if they don't ask they won't find very many. Well that's how we find everyone we teach, almost.  Another great way to find is going to apartments they are full of people that have difficult lives and are looking for ways to make their life better.  The message we share will turn peoples lives around. Look at our family with out the gospel and now with the gospel. Where would we be without it?  I don't even want to know, but those are some of the ways we are finding out here.