Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baptisms and Investigators Make the Difference

So the little girl was a girl we were teaching before I got moved then she was baptized not to long ago.  Her name is Katie L-- her parents are from Vietnam and we had to get temple square sisters over to help talk to them.  But, she is now baptized.

Well last night Elder Munyer and I  picked up a new investigator and so my week has turned. Learning to live with a new companion can sometimes be annoying.  So far I'm just building my patience, that's the Christ like attribute the Lord wants me to work on right now. I guess, but im doing fine.

We are going to the temple today to do endowments. I can't wait ,my first one in the. So far. I haven't heard a thing from Elder Peterson or the others that have come back home. Tell them if you can, I live next to the Jordan River Temple it's a 5 min. walk from where I'm staying; its great!

 I'm making my companion get out of the car now that we have been in a car for a month. So we walk from 1 to 5  pm in the area.  Yeah, I'm eating great.  I have learned that the gospel is the fruit of the tree of life and it is feeding my soul, with the knowledge and mysteries of God.
My feet healed in the last area, in Kearns after a while like 3 weeks before I left there.  It was fine now, I'm gaining weight again because he won't get out of the car.  He said he biked for the past 3 months, that he didn't need to do it anymore; and I told him to not give me that load of crap again, because I walked my last 3 months. So I said fine, we will walk and his feet were hurting and he complained that his bag was too heavy. But I was feeling fine haha!  It felt good being under the sun again and walking.  Yesterday is the first time I've felt that great sense I've been here so it was good. So that has been my week.

Elder Crawford

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work!