Monday, July 6, 2015

South Jordan

Mom, I tell your convert story all the time out here and people like the story on tithing as well.  I think it humbles people a little out here.  So, we have 11 wards and 2 branches in this stake.  I think we are getting another ward here as well.  They will be splitting one, but they are great wards.  I'll have to take a picture of our house, it is really nice and the people are great! 
 There are many beautiful young women, and for Kayla. a lot of good looking guys out here. Tell her she needs to check it out!
 My companion is from Southern Cali and he is pretty cool. He reminds me of Joey Patalon.

This week I read aloud the sacrament prayers to change my attitude for this area.  I repented for being angry and afterwards I felt so much better.  It was neat to feel that change and honestly I can start to see the Lord helping us out here.  We are beginning to start teaching, I know its still less active lessons, but its still teaching!

 Here are the better pictures of the mountains if you can see them.
 We went to the temple with Rusmey before I was transferred out.

I miss that Derrick (from Minnesota) haha, he was a great friend and the girl would be his girlfriend or maybe fionce.  I don't know, I do know he moved back to Minnesota when he came home from his mission.  Desi his sister told me that he wasn't going to go back out because he wanted to get married and stuff like that.
 Oh and some members gave us potatoes, so I  made my companion and me some fries; they were good!  We are going to go on a hike in the bigger one, remember Bell Canyon.
 Tell the family in Minnesota I said hi.  Did you send my package from Kiley yet?  We need to get a lighter for the noise makers for the 4th of July. 

Elder Crawford

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