Monday, July 20, 2015

Hard Work Pays Off

The big group of people is our district here in Sojo (South Jordan) and that is the temple we went to last week.  It is one of the smaller ones out here, but it is beautiful.  I love it out here so far its getting better ,we have 2 new investigators in the area, for the first time in a while here.  Its great ,the Lord is helping us out so much!

 The hand picture is from after we did service for a member here.  
We were digging a trench for a water line he was putting in his back yard. I had to get on my comp (companion) because he was standing there the whole time and wouldn't' help much.  He would do a little, but it wasn't making progress in the work.  He got mad at me and said, well looks like I'm not doing excavation when I go home. I try doing service for him, so I'm thinking the best service is to make him do the stuff and teach him to be self reliant.  He needs to learn to  just do it; its hard sometimes cause he gets angry easy, but i dont put up with it.  Just like you and dad didn't with me; so thank you for the push you gave me. A mission president said to some missionaries, "Successful people got to the top because the were strengthened by the resistance of the trials they overcame."

I'll be praying for Grandpa for sure. I hope he passes fast and with as less pain as possible. How is Grandpa Lee doing from all this? I wish I could be there to help comfort him and maybe teach him about the plan of salvation. To show that there is a purpose to life and show him where grandpa is going.  The words of the preacher still haunt me today (from grandma's funeral) when he said we dont know why we are here... That's not the answer, the answer is to prepare for living in the Celestial Kingdom with Heavenly Father and Christ, to have eternal families,

(the next part is personal)

I have learned while on my mission, I need a wife that is going to be strong and will be a faithful saint.  I need a temple ready person to help keep me strong when I fall short.  You and dad support each other and keep each other strong and temple worthy. I need that as well, I can't be the only support or the marriage will fail; and I will not allow that! I think you and dad were right when you said I would find a wife out here.  (this part is personal too) 

These are my feelings and thoughts so far in my mission. I will try to be wise but I'm putting the Lord first I promise! His work is coming first and then I think about the person I'll be sealed to in a few years. I hope she will be like you, how you keep dad strong and how he keeps you strong. Send me your thoughts on it.

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